Should I fight a Traffic Ticket?

You need to be very careful when you get a ticket to treat it the correct way so it doesn’t build up for later on more problems.

The thing that you really need to be careful about is traffic tickets and points. When you pay on a traffic ticket, you get points on your license. 12 points and your license is suspended, and it happens so many times that people go in and pay off four or five tickets at a time, and if each one of those tickets is three points, they’re over your 12-point limit. Even though you didn’t get the tickets at the same time, you paid them and now your license is suspended again. When you go to pay off a ticket or when you deal with a ticket with the traffic court, you need to think carefully of how many points you’re getting because if you end up in the vicious cycle of a suspended license, after the third one, it could be a felony.

I’ve had numerous people driving while their license is suspended all because of tickets and people are going to prison for that, which is quite ridiculous.