Theft or Shoplifting Defense

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 Conviction for theft or shoplifting could have an adverse impact on your reputation and career. For this type of white-collar crime it is important to consult an attorney to lessen the impact of charges leveled against you. At Heather Harris Law, we understand the finer aspects of the law and how charges of theft can affect your life. Our experienced lawyers have come to the aid of Brevard County residents who have made a bad decision and put their reputation and career at stake. Our task is to protect your rights and give you the best possible defense with confidentially and discretion.

Theft – A crime of ‘moral turpitude’

Theft not only means that your actions are scrutinized by the court but poses a threat to your career and reputation as well. With background checks common today, you face the risk of being rejected at job interviews, suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, fines, and even removal of any college scholarships. In addition, you could lose any professional or occupational license and be subject to public scrutiny when accused of theft. It doesn’t matter whether you are charged with a petty theft misdemeanor or grand theft felony; you will need an attorney to defend you.

Strengthen your case with an experienced lawyer

Discretion and confidentiality are paramount in cases of theft and shoplifting. We at Heather Harris Law understand the position of the accused and the delicate nature of such cases. Our task as your criminal defense attorney is to provide you with valuable insight into strategies adopted by the prosecution. As your legal counsel we look for areas where we can contest any baseless claims and include strategic defense tactics to strengthen your case and procure the minimum possible sentencing. However, timing is crucial and you will need to contact our attorneys as soon as possible to find a resolution. If you are a first time offender there are chances of placing you in a program where charges could be dismissed or dropped. Just make sure you contact us at (321) 452-7055 for an initial consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers.