Robbery or Burglary Defense

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 A conviction for robbery can result in a permanent criminal history that can have a negative impact on your employment opportunities. At Heather Harris Law, we have the requisite experience in defending clients against robbery charges in Brevard County and the surrounding area. It would be prudent to consult one of our lawyers to reduce the quantum of punishment or assist in qualifying for programs that can keep any charges of theft off your criminal record.

The consequences of a burglary conviction

Robbery is a serious crime where even a petty theft can have employers keeping you off their potential list of candidates due to a negative background check. Most employers are hesitant to hire anyone with a criminal record. Burglary is defined as the breaking and entering into premises with the motive of committing a criminal act such as assault, battery, or damage to property. Burglary charges can be levied against an individual even for trespassing or breaking into a property without causing any harm or theft. Most burglary charges are considered first, second, or third degree felonies. Other charges include criminal trespass, and receiving stolen property. Punishment for burglary conviction can range from 5 years to life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense, which is why it is wise to consult a qualified attorney to defend your case and protect your legal rights.

How Heather Harris Law lawyers can represent you in defense of burglary charges

Robbery is defined as the taking of money or property from another individual by using force or threatening to use force. Prosecutors take a tough stand in robbery convictions that are considered felonies with enhanced punishment that can often include up to 15 years imprisonment. However, the possession of firearms can result in the accused facing a jail term up to 30 years. For more than a decade the The Mays Law Firm team of defense lawyers has successfully defended clients accused of such crimes. Our attorneys understand how prosecutors approach these types of cases and prepare themselves to defend you accordingly. You do not have to plead guilty if you are facing charges. Instead, speak to one of our  attorneys on (321) 452-7055 today.