Manslaughter Defense

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The consequences of being accused with manslaughter in Brevard County and its surrounding areas can result in a Florida state prison term of up to 15 and even 30 years. Murder or manslaughter is the most serious charge in the state of Florida. No matter how grave your situation may be our attorneys at Heather Harris Law are experienced and equipped with the right resources to defend any charges against you.

Classification of manslaughter

Manslaughter is the act of killing another individual without premeditation, or unintentionally. According to Florida laws, manslaughter is classified into several categories which include voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, and vehicular or DUI manslaughter. In addition, manslaughter is considered a first degree murder when a murder is premeditated. Killing someone in the heat of passion or due to provocation is classified as voluntary manslaughter, where the act was intentional but not planned. Involuntary manslaughter charges are levied against an individual when he or she unintentionally kills another person with a degree of criminal negligence. One of the most common cases of conviction is vehicular manslaughter where negligence and reckless driving causes the death of another person. Many DUI case convictions are upheld under voluntary manslaughter. To deal with such charges you need an intelligent and aggressive manslaughter lawyer to rely on. Many accused of manslaughter are charged with a first degree felony, with harsh punishments being awarded including life or death sentences.

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In some circumstances you may be justified in using force to protect yourself from an attack. According to the Florida statute, the use of deadly force if someone commits a felony on you while in your home is justified. Prosecutors also have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant intentionally caused the death of the victim or that the death was due to culpable negligence of the defendant. It is important to fully understand your legal rights and defense, which is why you ought to get in touch with us at Heather Harris Law and schedule a consultation with one of our Brevard County manslaughter attorneys. Our representative is always standing by to receive your call to schedule an appointment.