Family Law Mediator

Brevard County Family Law Mediator

Certified by the Florida Supreme Court

While divorce is something that no one looks forward to experiencing, it is often essential to involve a mediation attorney to retain control over the future. Heather Harris is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Law Mediator and can provide you with the professional legal help that you need during this tough time. For people living in Brevard County it is important to understand their rights and entitlement under Florida divorce laws.

Mediation – an ideal alternative to lengthy litigation

One of the best alternatives to litigation is mediation, which is a quick and cost effective alternative as well. With the help of our mediation attorney, you may be able to avoid the expensive and emotionally draining alternative of going to court. A mediation attorney will address the unclear areas  between both parties and find ways for an amicable settlement.

Services our divorce mediation attorney can provide

While a divorce mediation attorney cannot force any party in a divorce suit to take action, they are capable of guiding you towards a resolution in which both parties work to settle the case. Among some of the major issues discussed in mediation are alimony, child support, division of assets, and more. When you choose to consult one of our attorneys, you may be able to save money from legal and litigation fees and time as well.

With many states mandating meditation as a precursor to dissolution of marriage, it would be wise to avoid the expenses involved with the court system and seek legal counsel. If you consider divorce mediation then let Heather Harris work with you to reach a peaceful divorce settlement. Feel free to make an appointment with us for a positive and affordable alternative to your divorce settlement.  Let our mediation attorney work with you towards achieving your end result in a peaceful way. Call us now at (321) 452-7055