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One of the most sensitive aspects of a divorce suit is child custody and visitation rights. Children need the love and attention of both parents. Therefore, deciding where the children stay and how often you get to see them becomes one of the most important and emotionally charged issues to deal with. Our divorce attorney will work with you to structure a parenting plan which will include the specifics of each parent’s time-sharing schedule and other responsibilities. According to state laws, both parents share the responsibility of looking after the children equally, regardless of their residence. Our divorce attorney will focus on protecting both your child’s and your interest in formulating a parenting plan.

Child support is another important issue that requires careful calculation of net incomes of both parents, the cost of daycare and insurance, and the duration of time the child spends with each parent. Our Brevard County attorney will work closely to help you formulate a financial plan after due consideration of these factors.

Other important divorce-related issues

No matter whether you are a parent seeking alimony or required to pay alimony, our divorce attorney will look into all the aspects that the court considers in order to determine the amount of alimony or whether it is warranted or not. There are several other issues that our divorce attorney has the potential to cover, including modifications to visitation rights, property division and more.  If you desire to hire  reliable Brevard County divorce attorneys  with the experience and time to help you find a resolution to your divorce, feel free to contact us at (321) 452-7055 to schedule an appointment.