Child Custody Attorney

Florida divorce laws and shared parental responsibility

It is important for couples with children to understand that Florida courts encourage shared parental responsibility. This involves a parenting plan approved by the court with specific details on education, finance, health care, daily care, and how the parents desire to resolve such issues. Our child custody attorney will help you prepare a visitation schedule that allows each parent a reasonable amount of quality time with the children. This includes setting out the number of days, weekends, and vacation schedules where that the child will spend with each parent.

What courts consider in a child custody case

Among the major factors that Brevard County courts consider in parenting plans is the characteristics of the parent more likely to help in making a child share a close relationship with the other parent. Courts also do not favor spouses who are intent on defaming the other parent in the courtroom. While many parents may wish for equal time sharing, it is not always in a child’s best interest especially for those who need more certainty. Judges are also likely to follow the recommendations of court-appointed social investigator when it comes to matters like time sharing and providing a stable environment for your child. All these are essential factors that our child custody lawyer will help you understand, in order to determine your child custody rights.

Mediation with the help of a child custody attorney

Florida courts mandate that every child custody case involve a mediator. Our child custody attorneys at Heather Harris Law can help prepare you for mediation with a neutral third party, failing which we will help you proceed with litigation. You can contact our Brevard County office and arrange for a consultation with one of our expert child custody attorneys and make your divorce proceedings much easier.